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8th INTERNATIONAL STAFF TRAINING WEEK in Nysa " International Student at the University-blessing or a curse?”

On 13-17.05.2019 University of Applied Sciences in Nysa had the pleasure to guest the representatives  of international partner universities, including: Mexico, Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Latvia, Romania, Slovakia, Turkey.

The main objectives of the 8th ISTW were:

  • to share experience, best practices and approaches to the “international student services” by taking part in workshops with students and administrative staff from UAS in Nysa.
  • to share the international experience based on the cultural variety of the participants
  • to meet with the coordinators of international cooperation and UAS staff in order to strengthen the collaboration in terms of future projects and programs
  • to conduct open lectures for Erasmus+ and UAS Nysa students
  • to search for new partners to set up the projects and programs
  • to encourage other partner institutions, Erasmus+ students in the UAS in Nysa and Polish students to study at the certain foreign universities.

Thanks to the provoking topic "International Student at the University-blessing or a curse?” the participants closely discussed the benefits of receiving international students, as well as debated on challenges and problems coming from the exchange.

The internationalization of the higher education system is a fact and it cannot be avoided, even though the process of adaptation to the changes goes differently in every University. Therefore, it is very important to share the experience and best practices between the institutions, especially with the administrative and teaching staff, as it leads to the improving the quality of offered services and positive changes in intercultural awareness of the university.

 The participants of the 8th ISTW took part in the Erasmus Plus Day organized for the students and pupils from secondary schools. Moreover, they got familiar with the learning facilities of the University, met with the representatives of the departments, as well as with the workers of International Cooperation Office. The farewell dinner was brightened by the great performance of the university band named “Wave” whose members include Business English, Jazz students and lecturer Mrs Alina Bryll, PhD.

Cosmetology students participated in workshops with Mrs Gunita Vjatere from International College  of Cosmetology in Riga, and students from Diocesan Secondary School in Nysa had a lesson with Gabriela Galaz from CETYS University who presented the culture and traditions of Mexico.

During the 8th ISTW the participants made new university contacts to planed shared activities.

All who are interested in the next edition of International Week are invited for 18-22.05.2020.

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