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The 10th jubilee International Staff Training Week at the University of Applied Sciences in Nysa  

“International partnerships in the times of remote working.“


From 10-14.05.2021, the International Cooperation Office at the University of Applied Sciences in Nysa organized the first online training week for representatives of partner universities from the following countries: Algeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, India, Indonesia, Kosovo, Mexico, Portugal, Turkey, USA, Ukraine.  

The guests have participated in the 10th edition of the program, whose objectives included:  

  • the exchange of information and best practices regarding Erasmus + cooperation in the times of remote working
  • encouragement of the partner institutions, students of Erasmus + UAS in Nysa, and Polish students to study at the partner universities which participate in ISTW
  • meetings with coordinators of international cooperation in the represented fields of education and discussions on further cooperation
  • seeking partners for collaborative projects and programs
  • promotion of home institutions and the University offer for 2021/22.

The main points of the program of the International Training Week were lectures by expert guests from outside the University of Applied Sciences in Nysa, which perfectly matched the theme of the meeting and attracted the interest of the participants themselves, as well as the employees of the University of Applied Sciences in Nysa.

 These were: 

-“Multicultural innovative teaching with IT tools usage ” - Dr. Anna Bąkała, University of Lodz 

- “Cybersecurity in times of remote work” - Andrzej Kleśnicki, IT Director Strategy & Compliance in AmRest 

- "Design thinking” – MA Agata Ciesielska, University of Gdańsk 

- International online conference: " Beauty in architecture. Harmony of the place."  http://pwsz.nysa.pl/sitecontent/beauty_in_architecture/ 

The leading theme of the training meeting encouraged participants to talk about approaches taken by universities during times of pandemics and remote working, as well as forms of contact with partners and students. The discussion was about the problems and challenges that the pandemia caused. Nevertheless, they also talked about the positives that the pandemic has brought to university life over the last few months. They mentioned the far-reaching development of IT techniques and solutions. It has helped us, university staff, work and communicate with students during this challenging time and will remain with us forever by increasing the efficiency of our operations. 

All discussions and valuable sharing of experience will improve the quality of educational services offered by partners in terms of students and employees of the University taking advantage of available forms of international exchange. 

As part of the training week program, on 25 May 2021 at 1 p.m., the participants also gave online promotional presentations for students both from the University of Applied Sciences in Nysa students and the partner universities students interested in taking part in Erasmus+ mobility or other forms of international exchange between the partner universities. 


The tenth International Staff Training Week, and the first to be held entirely online, received a tremendous amount of interest from partners and very positive feedback on its organization, both substantive and technical. They emphasized, in particular, the adequacy of the selection of the session topics to the problems and challenges that both academic and administrative staff are facing nowadays, the excellent setting and time control of the individual sessions. Even though the whole event took place in the online format, the participates could feel and enjoy the friendly and cordial atmosphere.  

We are already looking forward to the next event of this nature in the autumn of 2021!

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