University International Euro India Centre Nysa City

22nd February 2018 New branch of the IEEF in Nysa

The University of Applied Sciences in Nysa (UAS) and Indo-European Education Foundation (IEEF) agreed to establish the Indo-European Centre as Branch of IEEF at the University of Applied Sciences in Nysa for the purpose to improve regional cooperation with India and other EU member states. Indo-European Centre will be a unique institutional platform at UAS, specially in Opole and Dolny Śląsk region for Poland-India, EU cooperation to foster civil society dialogue and cooperation between individuals, enterprises, scholars, research institutions, universities, GOs and NGOs.

The agreement was signed yesterday (22nd February 2018) by Prof. Przemysław Malinowski, Rector of the University of Applied Sciences in Nysa and dr Pradeep Kumar, President of IEEF in presence with Mrs. Renata Zukowska, CEO, IEEF, Mrs. Anna Opalka, Head of International Cooperation Office, UAS, Nysa and Prof. dr Piotr Chwastyk, Institute of Technical Sciences, UAS, Nysa, Poland.

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