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English language texts,  helpful in realization of our initiative of remote teaching and learning.  

English language www pages constitute the subset of much larger website formulated in Polish language. Our E- Learning Initiative ( E-LI) conserns the interdisciplinary realm of knowledge. It encompass some domains related to medicine, like:  psychology, sociology, methodology of science,  some analyses of actual culture trends and philosophy.  

Eventual usefulness of the review of  our English language texts consists on the possibility to get to know a simple graphical tool helping to solve difficult societal problems.  

This tool arose from consideration of practical results of investigations upon consciousness.  

These considerations indicated also possible solutions of some concrete and severe social  problems like depopulation of Europe , fundamentalism of thinking and terrorism.  

The  actual content of our English language part of the website is as follow.:


1. Mental Procedures Helping Search For Solution of Societal Problems - The Internet

    Journal of World Health and Societal Politics ( ISSN 1540- 269X )



2. Graphical model of the human psyche and ‘social self ’-  helping to understand cognitive

    mechanisms of the ‘fundamentalist ‘ thinking - Cognitive model of a the terrorism



3. Risks of actual cultural, spiritual and economic pattern for the depopulation of

    Europe - investigation of possible, necessary modifications. 



5. Outline of the proposal of the project ' Well being and health of older people

    - enhancement of new forms of  care and help by a ' personal and societal

    on line helping tool '



6. Outline of the proposal of the project sub title: On line healing tool



7. Outline of the proposal of the project sub title: " Altered states of consciousness at critical

    local sidereal time as a method of improvement of well being and health of older people "



The author of  this website : 

prof. Andrzej Brodziak, M.D., Ph.D.,  D.Sc. 

E- Learning Initiative Group


[ The author of this website  bear responsibility on consistency and  correctness of  statements presented   on enumerated www pages -  The list of his scientific papers, published in peer reviewed is accessible under.:  http://salve13.webpark.pl/listapublikacji.htm ]  

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